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FootGolf at Scherwood.

Footgolf is played on our 9 hole 1700 yard Executive course.
It consists of three par 3, three par 4 and three par 5 holes. Great fun and exercise!

  • Foot golf is available 7 days with minor restricted hours
  • Best to bring your own soccer ball – limited supply of loaner balls available if needed
  • Call Pro Shop for details (219) 865-2554


  • Walk 9...............$10
  • Walk 18............$15
  • Junior (-12) $15
  • 9 Holes.........$8
  • 18 Holes......$13

The game is played in a golf course. Following the rules of golf, participants try to kick a soccer ball from the tee box into a 21-inch diameter hole in as few shots as possible.

Anyone. Footgolf is a great way to get some fun exercise in a beautiful outdoor environment. It’s as easy or as demanding as you want it to be.

The game is played with a regular soccer ball. Cleated shoes are not allowed. Golf attire (collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts or slacks) is best.

You can play with your buddies in a competitive environment, or you can enjoy this fun game with your family.

At Scherwood Golf we provide all the infrastructure necessary for organized activities or events. The Clubhouse can host events for two hundred people including food and beverage.

Scherwood is a popular site for various leagues. Leagues can be private or corporate, or invite open play. For questions regarding any league status, please contact the proshop.

FootGolf Q&A

  • It takes between 45 min and 1hr. 15min.  to play a round of 9 holes.
  • Maximum 8 people per group.
  • We provide soccer balls or you can bring your own.
  • Attire: No shoe cleats. No tank tops.

Toddlers or babies are not allowed on course


Golf carts are not toys:
There are roughly 9,000 golf cart related accidents requiring emergency room treatment in the United States each year. The majority of these accidents are related to either braking, cart rollover or passenger ejection. These problems are common to golf carts due to their open design, lack of seatbelts, poor braking capabilities and the uneven terrain they are driven on. Although industry standards prohibit golf carts from exceeding a maximum speed of 15 mph, rollovers and ejections still occur due to sharp turns, steep inclines, mechanical failures and driver error. In addition, most golf carts are equipped with mechanical rear brakes only, significantly limiting their stopping ability.

Forty one percent of deaths resulting from off road vehicles were youth under the age of 16 years of age.

Heads Up: stay aware of your surroundings, golfers and footgolfers will be sharing the golf course;
you could get hit by an errant golf ball.

  • No toddlers or babies are allowed on the Golf Course.
  • Children under 12 must have adult supervision.
NOTE: As a general rule we do not rent golf carts for footgolf since we have had accidents with people not familiar with safe operation of golf carts. Circuit is easily walk-able.
  • Must be 18 + to drive.
  • Only two people per cart. No standing on the back.
  • Children age under 6 are not allowed on golf carts; (A child needs to be able to hold on by himself).
  • All passengers must remain seated at all times when the cart is in motion.
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